For those of you who have never been to a Spring Harvest this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Things for Ages including the young


Teens & Family

This is amazing stuff

My Grandsons love these sessions

Content for Adults

The Evening Meetings are something to be remembered

Spring Harvest Home is a completely free online conference programme with content suitable for everyone in the family. Lined up for the week after Easter, we have some amazing material all built around the 2020 theme of “Unleashed – The Acts Church Today“.  Never has there been a more appropriate time for us to gather together as a community to worship, learn, laugh and pray together.

Big Start, morning Bible teaching, live worship, specialist seminars and workshops and some light-hearted sofa viewing will be available right through the day. Spring Harvest Home will be available online through YouTube, so go to YouTube.com and search for ‘Spring Harvest’ or simply click here.  You can then subscribe to the Spring Harvest channel to make sure you don’t miss this unique Spring Harvest Home week. (Please note that more content will be added here from 13th April.)

It’s our prayer to serve everyone who tunes in, helping us all to encounter God, be inspired by the good news of Jesus this Easter, and to see all of us, our communities and our culture, transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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